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Ministry of Commerce and Consumer Protection
Ministry of Commerce and Consumer Protection>Guidelines for Import Permit Application

Guidelines for Import Permit Application

Guidelines for the submission of applications for import permit
Application for an import permit
How to apply for an import permit?
What is TradeNet Phase 5 System?
What you require as a TradeNet user?
What are controlled goods?
Who can import a controlled good?
What are prohibited goods?
Payment of a fee.
Who are the Exempted Importers?
Annex I- FIRST SCHEDULE (Regulation 2) - List of Controlled Goods
Annex II-SECOND SCHEDULE -List of Prohibited     
The submission of an application and issue of an import permit is carried out electronically under the TradeNet Phase 5 System.  Application for import permit is needed only for controlled goods.
 How to apply for an import permit?
Application for import permit is submitted electronically through the service of a TradeNet User.   The three categories of TradeNet Users who submit applications electronically using their own computer system are :–
(i)   Clearing and Forwarding Agents
(ii)     Commission Agents; and
(iii)  Customs Brokers.
Any company or individual wishing to submit their own applicatilons electronically have to register themselves with the Mauritius Network Services Ltd.(MNS).
 What is TradeNet Phase 5 System?
TradeNet Phase 5 System is an electronic system using EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) for the submission of application for import permit.  EDI is the exchange of structured messages between various users of the network.  The network is an electronic messaging service administered by the Mauritius Network Services Ltd.   Under the TradeNet Phase 5 System, the trading community is given the means of submitting import permit applications to the Import Division of the Ministry of Industry & Commerce for processing.  If the permit application is approved, a permit message is returned electronically to the sender.
 What you require as a TradeNet user?
As a TradeNet user you will need the following :
1. Computer
2. Printer
3. Telephone line + modem
4. TradeNet software from the Mauritius Network Services Ltd.

 What are controlled goods?
1. Controlled goods are goods that are listed as per the First Schedule to the Consumer Protection (Control of Imports) Regulations 1999. 
Who can import a controlled good?
Any individual or a registered company can apply for an import permit to import controlled goods.  The following documents together with a copy of the VAT Registration Number should be submitted to the Import Division for the registration of the importer prior to the submission of the application for an import permit –
  a photocopy of the National Identity Card or the Certificate of Incorporation of the applicant as the case may be if application is made in respect of a second-hand motor vehicle;
   a photocopy of the appropriate Trading Licence of the applicant if controlled goods are imported for the first time
Products to be imported
Type of appropriate trading licence issued by Local Authorities
(i)  Wholesale dealer (Foodstuff)
(ii) General Retailer (Foodstuff)
(iii) Dealer in General Merchandise
(i)   Wholesale dealer (Non-Foodstuff)
(ii)  General Retailer (Non-Foodstuff)
(iii) Dealer in General Merchandise
Pharmaceutical products
(i) Wholesale/Retail Pharmacy
(i) Seller and Manufacturer of Gold and Goldware
Second-hand motor vehicle spare parts
(i) Dealer in second-hand motor vehicle spare

 What are Prohibited Goods ?
“Prohibited goods” means the goods specified in the Second Schedule of the Regulations that are not allowed for importation.  The list of prohibited goods is at the Second Schedule to the Regulations.
 Payment of a fee
(a)        The Permanent Secretary may on good cause shown by the importer in respect of controlled goods already imported, grant an import permit subject to the payment by the importer to the Accountant-General of a fee of –
(i)   25,000 rupees in the case of a second-hand motor vehicle; and
(ii)  5,000 rupees in the case of any controlled goods.
Where an importer fails to furnish the Inspection Certificate as required under the Fifth Schedule, the Permanent Secretary shall grant an approval to the importer subject to
1. the payment of a fee of 15,000 rupees to the Accountant-General;
2. Submission of a certificate of inspection carried out by the local branch of Bureau Veritas or Société Générale de Surveillance or any local inspection body acceptable by the Permanent Secretary.

 Who are the Exempted Importers?
Exempted importers are those who are exempted from the payment of the fee as stipulated at paragraph 10 above and are listed as at Parts I and II of the Eighth Schedule to the Regulations.
Note:     An import permit or an approval to remove any controlled goods from the customs will be issued within 3 working days, if all information, particulars and documents required in respect of an application for an import permit under regulation 5 or an approval to remove any controlled goods from the Customs under regulation 10 are submitted by the applicant.
 27th July 2007