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Ministry of Commerce and Consumer Protection


Services provided to the public by the Import Unit
Services provided to the public by the Foreign Trade Unit
Services provided to the public by the Legal Metrology Services
Services provided to the public by the Price Fixing Unit

Issuing Import Permits for controlled goods and authorizing the clearance of these goods from the Customs.
Granting licences to dealers in imported second-hand motor vehicles.
Advising the public on the procedures to be followed for the issue of the above permits and licences and for starting a new business.

The Unit provides the following services:
Advise the business community on trade agreements entered with various countries, on existing trade regimes, international trade practices and trade opportunities overseas;
Approve export trade documents such as export permits, AGOA/Visa Certificates, GSP Certificates, COMESA Certificates and Non-preferential Certificates of Origin as well as post verification exercises;
Execute export trade policy and provide advice and guidance for the framing of trade policies;
Undertake the identification of products with export potentials;
Attend to trade enquiries;
Liaise with relevant local and international organizations in relation to trade statistics and economic data for trade research and analysis;
Follow up development on trade policy issues at the World Trade Organisation (WTO) and other international trade institutions and advise on its implementation;
Assist in the preparation of export regulations for the implementation of export procedures;
Advise on national trade development strategies;
Advise on trade negotiations at bilateral, regional and multilateral levels;
Follow up matters on trade, environment and sustainable development;
Advise the business operators and exporters in general on the different trade protocols and the procedures involved for export under these trade protocols;
Advise the business community on export procedures; and
Issue Scrap Metal Licences/Permits.

Assizing/Reassizing, i.e. verification, testing and stamping of weighing and measuring instruments used in trade (both in general trade and trade in valuable goods), i.e for General Retailers, vegetable and fruit sellers, jewellers.
These instruments include spring balances, platform machines, electronic scales, jeweller scales, weights, length measures, tape measures, capacity measures, liquor measures.
All new instruments of importers are assized by LMD before they are offered for sale.
(b)     In situ verification
Verification of instruments which are (i) of high capacity, (ii) fixed and (iii) not transportable are carried in situ, that is, at place of use. These instruments include platform machines of high capacity, Petrol Pumps, Weighbridges and bulkmeters.
 (2)      On Request Calibration

Calibration services are provided to industries at their request for instruments not used in trade.
Calibration is carried at the division for transportable instruments.
For high capacity and fixed instruments calibration is carried at place of use.
 We also calibrate fixed storage tanks, concrete batching plants and hopper scales.
 Requests for calibration must be made in writing or by fax.

 (3)   Supervision of use of weighing and measuring instruments
This is done by carrying regular inspection visits to trade premises to ensure that traders are using correct and assized weighing and measuring instruments.
 (4)   Control on goods (Prepacked Commodities)
Inspection is carried at packing premises to ascertain that prepacked commodities (foodstuffs and non foodstuffs) comply with the Legal Metrology (Prepacked Commodities) Regulations, GN 125/94.
(5)     Certificate of Suitability
Importers of weighing instruments used in trade have to apply for a certificate of suitability in respect to the pattern or design of the instrument.  For this the importer has to make an application on the form available at the Legal Metrology Division.
Complaints related to weights and measures are investigated by this office.  These complaints are usually on unassized/not duly reassized instruments, incorrect instruments or shortweight.   Complaints are received by Phone, Reporting to our office at Bell Village or in writing.
 (7)  Information and advice
We offer free information and advice in matters regarding weights and measures to consumers, traders, including importers, packers and industries.         
(8) Opening Hours
09 h 00 to 12 h 00 and from 12 h 30 to 15 h 00
1.  Process applications for the issue of Bakery Licenses.
2.  Processing of Import Permits in respect of new bakery/pastry equipment.
3.  Issue of trade licence for packing of sugar for re-sale.
4.  Processing the fixing of prices of goods, the price of which is fixed under the relevant regulations of the Consumer Protection (Price & Supplies Control) Act 1998.
 Fix Price of Controlled Commodities under the Maximum Mark up System, the Maximum Price System and the Maximum Recommended Retail Price