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​Guidelines for packers of sugar

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Labelling of pre-packed commodities, including sugar, should comply to the Legal Metrology (Pre-packed Commodities) Regulations.

The height of the letters and numbers shall be not less than that specified in the table below:

Table showing minimum height of letters and numbers


Maximum dimension of package

(in millimetres)

Minimum height of letter or number, if printed

(in millimetres)

Minimum height of letter or number if blown, embossed or moulded on a glass or plastic surface

(in millimetres)

Not exceeding 100 2 4
Exceeding 100 but not exceeding 300 3 6
Exceeding 300 5 10


The label for the declaration of weight for pre-packed sugar shall bear the words “net weight" or “Net" which may either precede or follow the declaration of weight.


Where the net weight in the pre-package is one kilogram or more, the unit used in the declaration shall be the kilogram (symbol: Kg) and its decimal fraction to not more than 2 places and where the net quantity is less than one kilogram, the unit shall be the gram (symbol: g). Every symbol shall be written in singular form and shall not be followed by a full stop. There shall be a space between the number and the unit or its symbol.

The pack sizes allowed for pre-packed sugar are the following:


125 g, 250 g, 500 g, 1 kg, 2 kg, 5 kg, and thereafter in integral multiples of 5 kg.